Hi guys! I want you to audition for a spot in writing my new fanfic, Song on the Breeze! What you do is make a cat, and in the book, I will give you full credit!


Leader: Rainstar of RockClan- Hawkstar= dark gray tom with crimson eyes, torn ears, scars on back.

Warriors: Rainstar of RockClan- Breezesong: ginger and black spotted tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes, Apprentice: Mistpaw

Apprentices: Warriorfan123= Mistpaw, light gray she-cat with soft amber eyes, white tipped fur, scar on shoulder, stubby tail, and small ears


Warriors: Silverstorm= silver she-cat with sea blue eyes, white hind paw, scar from tail to belly


Leader: Emberglowe= Froststar: white tom with shredded ears, weatched claw Deputy: Emberglowe= Twistedfoot: dark grey tabby tom, twisted paw, scar from flank to neck, three small scars on nose, nick in left ear, white muzzle, Apprentice: Breezepaw

Warriors: Cchen3- Fireflicker: ginger she-cat with white paws, white tipped tail, white streaks, and green eyes

Apprenices: Emberglowe= Breezepaw: Reddish brown tom with bright green eyes.


Leader: Emberglowe= Smokestar: gray she-cat with white flecks, broken spine

Warriors: Phoniex Flight= Silentmist: little dark gray tom with light blue eyes, white chin, throat, belly, chest, hind paws, and dappled nose. Scar on Shoulder and twisted forepaw

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