Rainsplash987 Rainsplash987 26 August 2012

The Battle of Anons!!!!!! VICTORY!!!!!

Congrats everyone who pitched in against that battle against the anon.

List of Soldiers:



Wetty(Great job, you're a rolly now :)

Zaffie(Whooo, Admin)

Birchy(Same I think)

Waffa(pardoned for being a pancake hater)




the bots, and anyone else I missed. Plus, I'm not a noob anymore!!! Yay!

For those of you who weren't there...

Some anons started posting dumb stuff about communism, and cursing on other people's talk page. So we had a huge undo battle till Arti got em banned. We hope they won't come back.

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Rainsplash987 Rainsplash987 22 August 2012

Pictures/ Banners

Hey guys. So if you read my profile recently, you know I'm now doin requests for pictures. And banners.

I'll do pictures of cats, but if you saw my "banner" that my bro made, you kinda get what it is. It's like a wacky pic that represents you. Just pick a theme and a "mascot" and I'll ask my bro to make one.


Speaking of pictures, school pictures is tomorrow. On the second day of school! I mean, last year I was totally off guard and looked like a three year old idiot in my picture. Cause I cut my hair and it was all fluffy and curly. This year, I'm gonna be prepared. I hope.


-Rainy out

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Rainsplash987 Rainsplash987 20 August 2012

If you read my stories, check this out:

Hi guys! So, for anyone who reads my stories, this blog is for you. (ahem, Darky. jk, I love you) Since school is starting soon, I've decided that YOU(that's right, you) get to pick what stories I'm gonna be working on the most. Don't worry, since I love writing, I'll probably be editing all my fanfics. But you guys can list three fanfics you'd like my to work on the most, and I'll pick from there. You can pick ones I haven't started yet, but if you're picking in a series, try to go in order.

Bad Example: Flickering Flames, Drenching Rain, Songflight's Destiny

Good Example: Flickering Flames, The First Drop, Songpaw's Loyalty

If you haven't read any of my stories, it's okay, but you can check them out(they're all linked on my page) Also, if y…

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Rainsplash987 Rainsplash987 15 August 2012

Hi Guys!

So... everyone looking forward to school?

That's what I thought. Since I'm probably not going to have much time for WFW during school(meaning I'll skip all my homework and just do this, but still) I decided to make a random blog post rambling on and on about nothing. Fun! Okay, I have nothing interesting to report, so I'm going to rant.

Blah, blah, blah. Done. If you read this post, thinking it was something worthwhile, I'm really sorry. On the bright side... you figure it out.

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Rainsplash987 Rainsplash987 30 July 2012

New Account

Whoo hoo!!!

I just started my Warriors Fanfiction account. I am still figuring my way around, so... yeah. Anyway, I'm Rainy, I can be super-hyper, I LOVE sugar, cupcakes, and Golden Retriever. I am really random but aslo really nit-picky and basically a living oxymoron. Without the moron part cause I am way to awesome for that.

So check out me stories, mah bros stories, and... um, the wiki, I guess. And comment if you liked my stories, cause I am a very sensitive soul that cares what others think. Totally. See ya.

By the way, if anyone knows how to make a siggie, please tell me cause I have zero clues(out of 39). Bye!

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