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Not sure whether to advertise this or beg you guys to join...

Ohai! Guess what?


See, I'm trying to practice my skills at planning stories out, and planning a collab is a great way to do that. Plus, I just wanted to. xD Cuz they're fun, and I love you guys. Heh.


This collab will start out as a group of two - a book and its sequel. We can vote whether we want it to continue more, but for now that's all I'm thinking.

It will be full of action/romance/adventure/fantasyish, so don't sign up if you don't like one of those genres- though I don't know who doesn't. I haven't gotten the whole thing planned yet - I want to see what characters I get first. 

I'm willing to take suggestions of course, but I would like to be able to, for the most part, plan out each chapter…

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Rainy is writing this while eating an ice cream. Just thought you should know. Blame anything stupid I say on sugar-induced randomness. 

So there are two reasons I made this blog. The more obvious one being to wish all my Americabuds a happy 4th. The other being because I haven't made a blog in furevah- at least in my opinion.

Hopefully everyone had/is having an awesome 4th of July. Or, in non-Americans case... a happy day? Yeah, let's go with that. :D

Let's all give Rainy a hug, shall we? For her first marching band performance, she got to march in two parades in the heat, in tight, uncomfortable marching shoes. And did I mention the bugs that kept flying into my face? WHY DID I DO MARCHING BAND? I'm flippin …

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Rainsplash987 Rainsplash987 8 May 2013

The grasshopper flies at midnight...

Eyo, everybodeh!

Yes, it's time for yet another naming blog. Especially since the name of the series it is for is "Time."

Now, listen closely before you decide on a cat. This series is a time-travel fanfic, and as such, the structure of the "Clan" is different. For example, they don't have apprentices, warriors, queens, etc. Instead, they have two levels of training to become a full-fledged time traveler. A start-stopper would be the equivalent of a Clan apprentice, and a time-turner would be a warrior. If you'd like your cat to be nursing kits, write "time-turner(queen)". Same for elders. 

So, here's what the form would look like for the cats:

Name: Flooflefur

Rank: Time-turner(though her efficiency as one is debated)

Gender/Personality: Fluffy…

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I know a lot of blogs have been going up lately for characters, and I figured, why not join the party?

Since I can't concentrate on one thing for any amount of time, I started another new series :P It's called United. The basic plotline revolves around Stormwind, an outcast who doesn't fit into FireClan, AirClan, EarthClan, or WaterClan, which are the four elemental powers in her world. She needs to find her own destiny, and unite the Clans against the dark power swooping in. I've already chosen the main characters, but I need a lot of other ones. The important positions like deputy and stuff are first come first serve.

To have a character in the story, please fill out the following:







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Rainsplash987 Rainsplash987 13 March 2013

Don't miss me too much y'all ;D

Haidere everyone!

Let me start out by saying that I love all of y'all to death. M'kay? 

This is not a leaving blog. In fact, hopefully I'll be editing more because of this. I'm just not going to be on chat for the next few days. A week? Two weeks? Somewhere around that time. Things are getting pretty hectic for me, there are a few rough spots that I need to sort out, and I think I can do that better if I stay off chat for a while. 

I'll miss you guys, but don't miss me! I'll be on the wiki just as much, just not on chat. Message me if you have to tell me anything.

Love you guys! ;D

~ Queen Rainy out

What do you mean I'm not perfect? You just went down... the wrong road 23:52, March 13, 2013 (UTC)

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