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    Hi everyone!

    I hope all of you are enjoying your summers. What's everyone been up to so far? Anything especially fun?

    To all my fellow Americans, happy 4th of July! I'm really grateful for this country, because for all its ups and downs, we really are blessed and I feel like it's easy for me to take that for granted sometimes. Wish you all a great day. Mine's been tiring so far; had 2 parades for marching band. But the weather is seriously perfect here--not too hot at all, and so pretty, so I think I'm gonna spend the rest of the day outside too. And then, of course, fireworks.

    This blog is basically just a little happy pop-in to check up on how everyone's holidays are going(or at least, those of us who are in summer right now). 

    Can't believe…

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  • Rainsplash987


    Nope, I didn't fall off the edge of the Earth. What did happen was my laptop charger broke and my Internet shut down, all at once--yippee! We got our Internet fixed(though it's still incredibly slow) but my charger only arrived today. And yeah, I did try to get on but my brother's computer is EVEN SLOWER than mine was with the new Internet so yeah :/

    Moral of the not-quite-interesting-story: Rainy's back!

    I won't be able to be on all day like I used to do in the summer because... well, because I'm starting Driver's Ed :O I know, the idea of me being allowed to someday drive a car scares me even more than it scares you. Wish me luck!

    AP testing is over, thank God, but finals are still coming up. I'll be cramming for those for the next two…

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  • Rainsplash987


    February 23, 2014 by Rainsplash987

    Hi everyone!

    'tis Queen Rainy, making her first blog in an absurdly long time.

    Okay, so, boring story time. *cues prerecorded applause*

    (Thank you, thank you, I appreciate it)

    So today in school, I actually found out one of my friends read Warriors too. We were kind of there for this festival we were volunteering at, and so we had about an hour to kill; we spent the entire time reminiscing over Warriors. And guess what I realized?

    I realized that I'm a complete idiot. My edits on this wiki are not up-to-par in the least, especially not for someone with rights. Not that I'm depriving anyone of anything by not writing, but I really am sorry for being such a horrible example, not to mention a totally lazy bum. 

    And I will try to snap out of it. The…

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  • Rainsplash987

    Do you see what I did with that title? Tell me that is not clever. Go on, I dare you.  *feels extraordinarily clever*

    Okay, there are two reasons I'm making this blog. One, I realized I haven't made one since  August, which is quite pathetic on my part. Two, it's Thanksgiving(for us Americans, anyhoo), and this blog is in the holiday spirit! :D

    So, I imagine most of you are already spending time with family and/or eating delicious foods, but I still have a couple hours before I'm off to go do that, so I just wanted to take the time to write a pointless little blog to say this: I really am thankful for this place, and every single one of you guys, okay? I'm so grateful for all the friends I've made, and for how much this place has helped me w…

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  • Rainsplash987


    Please pardon the title of this blog. x3 I really didn't know what else to make it.

    So, this isn't a leaving blog or anything, but it's also not the classic "Oh no school's starting... I might not be on as much blog" either. Or maybe it is, actually... er...

    Well, see, I thought I could handle the wiki and high school. No problem. It's not like I actually do anything with my life, right? I'd have plenty of time to hang out, chat, and write on wiki as well as keep up with school(lol, notice the order they're listed)

    But I think I was a teensy bit wrong.

    Yes, this is partly because I've had marching band camp & high school prep all week, and I'm exhausted, grumpy, and frustrated. But it's also because of many other things. I want to look back…

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