Greetings, ye fair citizens of WFWland!

It is I, Rainy, a maiden in dire need of assistance.

Okay, so as you may or may not know, I'm currently working on two shows, Vale and Survivors (shout out to anyone who reads them because you make my life happy). I'm also hoping to pick up and finish my story Polar Zone.

So, please believe me when I say, despite my terrible habit of taking on way more than I can handle at any given time, that I am NOT going to write the story I am about to talk about for a while. Seriously. I swear. Won't even make the page. You won't hear a peep from me about it (okay, that's a blatant lie, because I'm just about to--anyway).

It's going to be a crime-solving show. Specifically homicides, though robberies and plots of large-scale are welcome as well. You might be wondering how that's going to fit into Warriors.

Easy. Here's the very vague premise (open to change at any time). A loner she-cat dwells near the territories of two powerful warrior Clans, as well as a Twolegplace full of kittypets, rogues, and other loners. She's very intelligent, and earns a place to live by solving mysteries for anyone in the neighborhood who needs it.

So here's what I am begging you guys for. Crime scenes. In as many or as few words as necessary, describe a crime scene. You could give plenty of background, you could even come up with a culprit and explain why they did what they did. Give me red herrings, plot twists, motives... or just really bizarre circumstances, and leave me to explain why they are the way they are. The scenes could be ransacked dens, kidnappings, or murder sites. I just need inspiration.

Also, I need to come up with a name for a main character. So if you want, leave a name too! I haven't come up with anything yet, no description, no name, just a personality, but even that might change. She's independent, aloof, and hard to get close to; she deals with facts, not emotions. She's very intelligent, but clueless when it comes to friendship sometimes. 

If you leave a name/personality of a cat, even if I don't use it for the main character, I might use that cat in the show anyway (with your permission, and giving credit to you, of course).

But what I really need is the crime scene away, so let your imaginations flow. I want to see what some of the best writers I know come up with! It'd mean a lot c: And of course specific episodes dealing with your mystery would be dedicated to you. This show is in the very very early stages of development, so I will do my best to incorporate as many ideas as possible. 

Thank you so much <3 

- Rainy

(Ayyy, first blog of 2016!)

EDIT: HONESTLY THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH. LIKE WOW Y'ALL ARE SO GOOD WITH MURDER STUFFS AND IT'S GOT ME SO EXCITED TO WRITE THIS SHOW. Keep the ideas and characters coming! Even if you've already said one, if you have another, go for it! This show is going to have an over-arcing plot line, but it's also going to have many little cases and I will work as many of your ideas in as I can--because I need a bunch of ideas and there's no way I could come up with all of this on my own. I just love you guys so much, thank you tons. <3 *hugs all of you*

UPDATE 5/30/16: I DID NOT FORGET ABOUT THIS SHOW! It's my summer project for 2016 and it will be coming out soon! Stay tuned! And hit up my talk page if you have any new murderous ideas >:)

UPDATE 6/14/16 THE PILOT OF CLUES IS OUT HERE ! IF YOU WANT TO SEE YOUR GREAT IDEAS & CHARACTERS MAKE IT INTO THE SHOW, PLEASE SUPPORT IT. Just kidding, you don't have to, I just thought I'd link so you know I actually followed through on writing it! C:

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