I is officially on spring break! And for the duration of this week, I shall be in NYC with my school's music department. So apologies for my inactivity; I shall be back Saturday evening, most probably.

I'm super excited for the trip C: We're going to all the classic tourist spots -- Ellis Island, Rockefeller, Central Park -- and most exciting of all, we're PERFORMING in Carnegie Hall. Excuse me while I die. Oh, and we're seeing a couple Broadway shows too (unfortunately not Hamilton, though it's probably for the best as I would literally die if we did)

While I'm away, of course, you know you can always consult with Wetty (if she's on), Brighty or Firey for all your wikia-related admin questions.

For those of you on spring break, HAVE A GREAT TIME. And for those of you not, I hope you have a wonderful week. See you soon!

- Rainy

UPDATE: While I am back at home and happy about it, just a warning that I might not be as active as I once was for a bit--not sure how long. I just got a job, and I'm going to have my hands full figuring out how to fit school and EC's and volunteering around it--and even once summer comes, I've got college apps to worry about on top of a personal finance class (it's required, sigh) and all the usual summer camps and stuff. I know it seems like I'm looking way ahead; I'm still a junior, after all, but I feel like it's in my best interest to try to get my stuff together as early as possible. I have a talent for screwing everything up. Unfortunately.

Thank you guys for being so understanding and always being there for me. I appreciate this place so much. Dunno why I'm getting so sentimental, or even why I'm including this in my blog, but yeah. Point being, I love you!

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