Hi everyone!

It's me, Rainy, who most of you probably don't know/remember now. I haven't logged onto WFW in forever, but for some reason yesterday I found myself going through a couple of my old 'fics and I thought I should probably make this. I don't want to vanish without a trace (though I admit that's basically what I've done). 

I'm not really on the wiki anymore. I have been mildly re-inspired to maybe finish a couple of old stories, just for my sake and because I miss writing. I don't know when/how fast I'll be able to do it, because life is going to be insanely busy when college starts, but I will definitely try.

Some random life updates. I'm not thirteen anymore, like I was when I first made this account. I'm twenty. I'm a junior in college. It's a little crazy to think about the fact that I decided to join WFW seven years ago.

There's no real point to this blog; just a touch base and an introduction to those who don't know me -- Feel free to comment introducing yourself, new users! I will always love this place and treasure the memories I made here and because of this website. I still talk to and text some of the friends I made here daily (I guess if they decided to befriend me when I was in my absolutely insane n00b phase, they are friends forever). I grew a lot as a writer and a person, and WFW has been a huge part of that journey. 

Love you guys always!

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