Hi guys! So, for anyone who reads my stories, this blog is for you. (ahem, Darky. jk, I love you) Since school is starting soon, I've decided that YOU(that's right, you) get to pick what stories I'm gonna be working on the most. Don't worry, since I love writing, I'll probably be editing all my fanfics. But you guys can list three fanfics you'd like my to work on the most, and I'll pick from there. You can pick ones I haven't started yet, but if you're picking in a series, try to go in order.

Bad Example: Flickering Flames, Drenching Rain, Songflight's Destiny

Good Example: Flickering Flames, The First Drop, Songpaw's Loyalty

If you haven't read any of my stories, it's okay, but you can check them out(they're all linked on my page) Also, if you have any ideas for my stories, tell me here.

And if the fanfic you like doesn't get picked, don't worry I'll probably work on it just as much cause I love WFW. :)

Rainy out

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