I intended to write this a bit closer to midnight, but I won't be home and I doubt many of you will be on the wiki either... plus, there's the whole timezones thing. So, as 2014 draws to a close, I just wanted to say: it's been wonderful! Thanks for being a part of my year, each and every one of you, just by being on WFW. This year really has been pretty incredible. I don't know, personally, I feel like I've got a slightly better grip on things now. Not to say there isn't tons I could improve on, but still.

Like any other year, this year has had its downfalls... and its highlights. I'm definitely proud of some things I achieved this year; some are physically measurable, while others are internal. I hope you guys can look back on some of the strides you've made too; you might feel like you haven't done anything, but just try to imagine the person you started your year with. I highly doubt that they're the same person you're ending with.

2015 is going to be great. Cheers! I love you all, and happy new year! 

- Rainy

(I just realized this is my first blog as an admin. Strange, isn't it? I'm going to try my very best. And let's all congratulate Brighty and Firey as well, our newest rollbacks!)

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