Well, I wanted to do this later so that you guys would be free-er(that a word?) to join mine, but since I'm so impatient, I'm gonna do it now and give you guys a late deadline. Hm... Random date time. I know this is really late, and some of you are gonna forget about it(but I'll send out reminders to anyone who joins) but there is the holiday season and everyone's gonna be busy, so it shall be January 12th. Why? Because 12 is my favorite number. So there.

Five people can enter, though I might make it more if anyone really wants to and will really write the story. If you do want to, leave it in the comments below and I'll think about creating charries for you. Please read the requirements when you join, it will raise your score a lot. I want everyone to have fun doing this. :)


Here are the charries you get to choose from. You can pick two. If there is a circumstance listed but not elaborated on(ex: She has had a bad experience with Twolegs before) you make it up.

From the sick and twisted mind of Queen Rainy herself, we present...:

Shoalpaw- dark gray she-cat with brilliant green-blue gaze the color of the sea. Just like her name, Shoalpaw belongs in groups. She is outgoing and makes friends easily. However, on the inside she really just misses her father. TAKEN

Lancepaw- large dark gray tabby tom with broad shoulders and navy blue eyes. Lancepaw is your typical "jock". He is active, a great hunter, and has a nice personality. The one thing he lacks though, is a good relationship with she-cats. Ever since his gentle little sister died, he has struggled with his grief, and has never gotten over it. 

Peachpaw- pale peach-cream she-cat with hazel eyes. Peachpaw is gentle, sweet, and kind. She tries her best to get along with everyone, and doesn't like it when others fight. TAKEN

Seapaw- creamy gray tabby she-cat; sea-foam green eyes. Seapaw is clever and cunning. Though she is a strategist who plots carefully against her enemies if you really get on her bad side, for the most part she has a kind heart. TAKEN

Inkpaw- sleek black tom w/ yellow-gold eyes. Inkpaw can be considered a bit "queer" by other cats, but really, he is only aloof and distant because he is insecure. He is bullied a lot, and has his eyes on a certain she-cat though he thinks she is way too good for him. He fails to see the good inside of himself, which is what really matters. TAKEN

Springpaw- black-and-white tom, bright green eyes. Springpaw is intelligent and a quick-thinker. His main goal in life is to become a leader, which often conflicts with his friends and family, and leads to him hurting them. He needs to make a choice, but isn't sure what he wants more, power or love. TAKEN

Larkpaw- dark gray she-cat w/ dusky violet-gray eyes. She is training to be a medicine cat, and has a strong bond with StarClan. She can often appear silly and air-headed, as she takes long walks where she lets her imagination run away from her, but she is closer to reality then others suppose. She hates to see suffering, but as a medicine cat, resolves to do her best to stop it. TAKEN

Goldpaw- lithe golden tabby she-cat; copper-gold eyes. She is great at hunting and fighting, but has a hard time relating to other cats, as she had built a wall around herself to prevent herself from being hurt again. She is more sensitive then she lets on. TAKEN

Cherrypaw- tortoishell she-cat with twisted back leg; amber eyes. Cherrypaw is loving and patient. She loves caring for kits, but doesn't think any tom will ever love her because of her leg and limp. She still tries to live life to the fullest, despite having her warrior dreams crushed.(You can decide if she is a medicine cat apprentice or not) 

Eclipsepaw- dark brown tom w/ white crescent-shaped patch on forehead. Eclipsepaw is mysterious and wary of other cats. He has a dark past that he tries to hide, but it can't be that way forever. TAKEN

Blizzardpaw- white-and-black speckled tom; cold blue eyes. Blizzardpaw has always wanted to be a loner, or at least leave the clan. He doesn't like warrior life at all, but there could be one special cat that's holding him back. Still, how can he ever become a true warrior where it counts? Your heart. TAKEN

Shimmerpaw- black she-cat w/ silver splotches & large shimmery green eyes. She is a good fighter, agile, and a quick thinker. She sees the best in others no matter what, and loves to help out. She is dedicated to the clan, and wants to be a warrior soon. TAKEN

Azulepaw- black she-cat w/ large cornflower blue eyes. Azulepaw is clever and a great hunter, but also responsible and caring. She does everything she can to help others, and is a hard worker. She often neglects her own needs in favor of others. 

Flickpaw- gray tabby tom w/ white paws & green eyes. Flickpaw is agile and quick-minded, but can be a little selfish as he thinks he is alone in the world and no one else will look out for him. Still, he does want to serve his clan well, and is trying hard. 

Deerpaw- sleek fawn-colored she-cat w/ large hazel eyes. Deerpaw is shy and compassionate. She rarely talks to anyone, but cares for them in small, special ways. She has had a rough past, but strives to overcome it in every way possible. She has trouble staying true to herself. TAKEN

Dragonpaw- large black tom; glowing green eyes. He is violent and a bit of a bully. He enjoys fighting and taunting others. Secretly though, he is hurting, and doesn't want anyone to see it. TAKEN


Characterization: This is a huge one for me. I created these characters with specific things in mind. Be creative, but I want to see my descriptions come out in your stories. 2 points

Descriptions & Style: This one is how well you do stuff like setting, tone, grammar, and stuff like that. Also includes your creative inputs, like scenery and imagination. 2 points

Plot Development: You need to have an engaging plot. This also deals with how you build up to the plot and how well it all fits together. 3 points

General Guidelines: Your story must have one death, one love(forbidden or not), and one battle. You also get points on how well these are crafted and worked into the plot. Needs to have at least 8 chapters, but can have more. Just don't make them too long, I'd say 15 is more than enough as a limit. 3 points


I hope all of you guys enjoy writing, and all of you are winners no matter what!

Feather with Peach Colored Moon(Peachpaw and Eclipsepaw)

Misty with The Sea Lark(Larkpaw and Seapaw)

Red with Spilt Ink(Inkpaw and Shoalpaw)

Fuzzy with Love or power(Goldpaw and Springpaw)

Moon with Shimmers Through The Blizzard (Blizzardpaw and Shimmerpaw)

Lilly Lovegood(2) with The Flaming Deer (Deerpaw and Dragonpaw)


As you may have guessed, you get points out of 10. If you want to join, leave your charrie and story title in the comments. Feel free to ask any questions.

Also.... I have an awesomesauce celebrity judge! She-cats and toms, put your hands together for the one, the only, Arti. Furthermore, we also have the amazing? Pudkim? and the well-known? Silleh Turtle? judging. Good luck!?


1st Place: You get a pat on the back. LOL, just joking. You get a picture of the cat you chose, and a custom-made victory siggie so you can boast to other people. You also get a story dedicated to you.

2nd Place: A picture and a character dedicated to you in the afore-mentioned story. Bragging siggie.

3rd Place: A picture of your cat and bragging siggie.

4th- 6th Place: Bragging Siggie.

Happy Writing!

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