Hi everyone!

'tis Queen Rainy, making her first blog in an absurdly long time.

Okay, so, boring story time. *cues prerecorded applause*

(Thank you, thank you, I appreciate it)

So today in school, I actually found out one of my friends read Warriors too. We were kind of there for this festival we were volunteering at, and so we had about an hour to kill; we spent the entire time reminiscing over Warriors. And guess what I realized?

I realized that I'm a complete idiot. My edits on this wiki are not up-to-par in the least, especially not for someone with rights. Not that I'm depriving anyone of anything by not writing, but I really am sorry for being such a horrible example, not to mention a totally lazy bum. 

And I will try to snap out of it. The upcoming weeks are actually really busy in terms of tests and try outs and other stuff I have to do, but rest assured it won't stop me. I'm determined to bump up my edits. No, I'm not going to be editing like crazy or finishing all my stories or anything, but I've made up my mind to finish certain ones--the first on that list being Morning Blue(I really miss writing it, to be honest).

Actually, I've missed everything about writing Warriors fanfiction. I can't wait to start again, and once again, I'M SO SORRY FOR BEING SO STUPID AND SLACKING OFF.

- Rainy

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