Hi peoples!

I'm in a pretty good mood right now--the sun is shining, it's absolutely lovely outside, it's a four-day weekend for us, Easter is coming up (my second favorite holiday, after Christmas), and it also happens to be my birthday today. (I'm sixteen, which is really really freaky to think about.)

There's no reason in particular that I'm making this blog, except that I haven't made one in a really long time and I thought it was way past due.

Plus, I'm just so happy. One of my friends, total sweetheart by the way, baked brownies for our table today, so it might be the sugar overdrive speaking here, but yeah. It's spring and it's warming up. Of course, spring means musical, and I'm in musical pit this year. Hooray for super-long days, hours of practice, and a binder with over a hundred pages of music that I need to learn. But it'll be fun. Our school musical is Beauty and the Beast this year,  one of my favorite Disney classics ever. The casting was perfect and I'm so excited to see the final result.

That's probably really boring to hear me ramble about but it's important to me. xD So I'd like to hear little stories from you guys' lives. Any plans for the weekend? I've got homework on top of practice/church/social stuff but I get to sleep in tomorrow at least, which is super nice. Happy Easter to anyone who celebrates! Hope all of you have a wonderful day! <3

- Rainy

tell me i inspired you to write your stories, not build your castles 22:13, April 2, 2015 (UTC)

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