Okay, so a lot of you will have no idea and no interest in what I'm about to say (except maybe Firey and Brighty <3) but...

I have decided to restart my shows.

'*waits for applause*

'*meekly resumes mic after long, awkward silence*

By shows, I don't just mean my newer one, Rise.

I have decided to continue Vale. I know that's crazy, since it's been forever since I last updated that show. It raises the following questions:


Because I miss writing it.

Do you know what's going on in the show? Do you even remember the cats' names?

Yep. I reread the entire thing and took notes. I'm back in the groove. Got more planned.

But whyyyy?

Because I dunno, I really enjoy writing it. I have stuffs planned, like I said, and I'm really excited to write it.

Will you still continue Rise too?

Yeah, I'll try to alternate--though sometimes I might get off pattern and give one a double update or something. Updates won't be exactly regular. That'd be a little unrealistic, since there are upcoming weeks when I literally get home after 9 everyday. Nevertheless, I'll do my best to make updates as frequent as possible.

Does that mean anyone has to read Vale?

Noooo, I guess not. I mean, I can't force you. But it'd be really nice to have a little support.

I'm not reading Vale OR Rise 'cause they both suck. What you gonna do about that?

Cry, lol.

So that's my little announcement. I know it's not that exciting to anyone but me, but it'd mean the world to me if any of you checked out Vale. Also, I hope everyone is having a great spring season (unless you live in a place where it's winter now, then have a great winter :P). Peace out!

(Oh, one more thing. It'd be great if you guys could vote on the polls here, especially the one about Breezepaw's warrior name. Trying to make a final decision!)

13:05, April 19, 2015 (UTC) tell me i inspired you to write your stories, not build your castles

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