Heyyyyyyyy everyone! So, I wanted some inspiration for my new story. And I thought, what better place then my fellow Wikians? Therefore, I'm asking anyone who wants to be turned into a cat in my story to tell me in the comments below. Let me rephrase that. If you want a cat based on you, leave it in the comments below. If you think I don't know you well enough, leave a little bit about yourself in your comment. I'll make the cats and stuff, and post them on here, and link the story when I have enough. Oh, and if there's something you think is "negative" about your cats, that's not how I view you of course, it's just what I feel your warrior would be like. 

Thanks guys! 


Ash with Fernheart- soft brown tabby she-cat w/ white paws & large hazel eyes

Fernheart is kind and friendly. She gets along with everyone, is quite hyper, and would rather take action then carefully form a plan. She loves life to the fullest, and makes the best of any situation.

Robo with Aquatail Black she cat with silver chest muzzle and paws

She is excitable, responsible, and hard-working. Aquatail is a great hunter and fighter, and will do anything for her friends. She is loyal, and a good leader. She also knows how to have fun though, and likes to act like a kit when no one 's looking.

Nighty with Fallensky : A gray tortie she-cat with a black undercoat, a twisted front left paw, and dark blue eyes.

She has short, but sharp, claws and is very aggressive and always trying to prove herself (because of her paw). Even though it's twisted she can run, hunt, fight, etc. fine. She doesn't like to accept help easily, and is quite independent. 

Feather with Snowdrift- pale gray she-cat with flecks of dark gray; dark gray eyes

Snowdrift is quiet, and a good listener. She is a good, supportive friend, and likes to do things in groups. However, she is always true to herself and stands up for what she believes in.

Fuzzy with Angelcloud: Pure white she-cat with blue eyes and a splayed paw, she can run faster, stand on two legs, jump really high (like REALLY high), and is oddly large

She is adventerous, bold, courageous, and doesn't care what anyone else thinks. She doesn't make true friends easily, but is a great ally and a bad enemy when she opens her heart to you. 

Wafflez with Violentclaw: A normally nice young cat, gets mad if you know how to get him going. A class-clown type. Brown head, white body.

Silver with Blazesong: A friendly, creative young cat, is quiet around a bunch of cats but loud and talkative when your alone with her. She is caring and is a REALLY fast runner. A pale ginger she-cat with dark blue eyes

Avalanchestrike with Ivyfleet: very small, silver and white tabby she-cat with a deep scar across her left eye and blue-green eyes. She is very intelligent, kind and fearless, but is shy around her crush, Tornadopaw. She is a good hunter and battler, but the only thing that gets her way is her unusually small size. She has two older brothers, (they are not littermates since she was the only kit in her mother's second litter). But she also can be fiesty and have a sharp tongue when annoyed

Red with Shellbeam- creamy peach she-cat with long pink scar running down the side of her face and milky blue eyes. She's obedient and intelligent, but doesn't do well under stress, and would be pretty except for a scar warping half of her face.

Arti with Bramblepath- a brown tabby warrior with one white paw (front left) and bright green eyes.

She's amazing in battle but could work on her hunting because she doesn't have the patience to stalk prey.  She's young and quite a bit arrogant as well as sarcastic, funny, ambitious, and scary smart.  But she's also a little anti-social and she would much rather be that one cat everyone's talking about (in a good, awesome, butt-kicking way of course) and not the cat talking. 

Wetty with Wetstream: Dark grey she-cat with tinted yellow eyes and her left front paw is white.

Short tempered, yet clever in a manupulative way. She tries to make other cats laugh even when people are stressed out since she thinks that is the best time for a good laugh. Not very talented in fighting, but more in hunting. 

Bird with Birdsong - A pitch black she cat with white paws, and sharp amber eyes.

She's a hot tempered, sharp tounged, sarcastic she-cat, but she is very loyal to friends, but easily offended, she's a good fighter, she's very talkative, but is suspicious towards strangers, she's ambitious. She's friendly to her close friends, and nice (Sometimes) to aquantinces, but never hesitates to fight back when in battle.

Ducksplash with Ducksplash - dappled gray tom with a torn ear and a scar on one flank.

He's aggressive to cats outside of his Clan, but is a good, loyal friend, he never hesitates to stick up for other cats. He loves she-cats and gets into fights at times, also, he loves to hunt, he simply adores it. 

Candyrose with Cloverice - beautiful black tabby she-cat with silver tabby stripes and dark green eyes. She has a scar under her chin and three white paws. Her tail is bent at a weird angle and is very insecure about it.

Cloverice is kind and resourceful, she is good to you if you're her friend and not her enemy, but if you are she can be as cold as ice and as bitter as a...bitterroot. She is quick and swift in battle even with her bent tail and knows how to fight with only her sense of touch and hearing. She sometimes zones out due to missing her best friend terribly who disappeared when they were apprentices and she is often scolded by her former mentor, Rushheart. Cloverice can be very wary and self-conscious about her bent tail and knows that it affects her balance in trees and fighting. She snarls and hisses when someone makes a comment or taunts her for her bent tail and it leads to a bloody skirmish.

Bluestar&Brightheart with Brightsong- ginger and white she-cat with long fur and dark amber eyes

All her life she has been stuck in her sisiters shadow, and is dying to break free. She is a bit too friendly to outsiders, but will fight to the death in battle. She is desperatly in love with the only tom in the clan who actually knows she exists. She also has only half a tail

Cinders with Cinderdapple-Gray, silver and white dappled tabby she-cat with one green eye and one amber eye.

Cinderdapple is a kind, caring cat who tries to listen to everyone with an open mind. She takes a while to open up, but is really fun to be around once she does. She believes in herself, and doesn't let what anyone else says change who she is. She likes to make a lot of friends, and hates to see others get hurt.

Milk with Electricswirl~ White she-cat with goldish brown tabby-like streaks and stormy gray-blue eyes

Feisty, but can be sweet and caring, though that side of her is hard to reach, she is a nice cat. She is very loyal to her clan, and has a heart of gold.

Jet with Jaywalker ~ is a black-blue tom with sky/ocean blue eyes.

He's friendly to anyone he meets, and will help anyone who needs help. If they tell him they don't need help, he doesn't help. Unfortunately, it's hard to meet up with him because he has this ability to make everything miss him by a metre. Everything. Literally. That's where he got the name Jaywalker from; he was walking across a thunderpath, and the cars basically swerved off the road, and he padded up to investigete and the other cars ran off too. The he finally crossed the road and accidently made a tree bend away from him. So that means he's not a good hunter. XD

Even though he can't get close to most things, he has amazing senses and can hear you in radius of two kilometres. So he's an expert eavesdropper. 

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