Hey guys. So, I'm not my usual peppy self today. Well, okay I am, cuz that never really fully goes away. But this blog is actually half serious. And contrary to popular belief, NOT because school's out today and tomorrow and I'm bored as heck. Heh heh.

So I wanted to make a gushy DONT LEAVE! blog for a while, but I don't think it would do much good now. After all, that's not exactly what we need right now. But I'm not in a GO WFW! mood either. So... here it is.

Memories. Of all the great times we've had here. I understand that we don't all share the exact same ones, but here are some examples:

Do you remember when... you finally figured out tat the contribute button was for anyone and you could write your own fanfics.

Do you remember when... you left your first message on an admin/senior user's page asking some nooby question about the wiki.

Do you remember when... you figured out how to change your profile pic and made it something stupid.

Do you remember when... you clickd on all the staff and Most Visited, and Highest Voted buttons in search of great stories, thinking you would never be able to write like that.

Do you remember when... you finally figured out the reason no one was ever on chat was IRC.

Do you remember when... Rainy told you to stop reading and make your own comment/reminisince already?

So, just in case this turns into a sobfest, here are some others you'll like better.

Do you remember when... Waffles were better then pancakes? WRONG! IT NEVER HAPPENED!

Do you remember when... SongXBush existed. Well that's not happening again.

Do you remember when... we showered each other with dead trout.

Do you remember when... I have nothing, so check this out for laughs. :P

So all kidding aside, can you guys please add your own memories in the comments? Cuz I need to know I'm not the only one. :D

~ Rainy out

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