Good day, fine peoples of WFW!

'Tis I, Rainy, and while I may have truly lived up to my claims of being a unicorn by being so rare for so long, I'm actually here for once! 

Wow, it's been a while. Also, to be honest I'm kind of salty because I meant this blog to come out on my five year wiki anniversary, which was about a week ago (July 28th). But hey, now I can say I've been on WFW for over five years! Over those five years, I've made some of the best friends I've ever had. I've literally known some of you for years, since before I was even in high school. And I've met some amazing newer users -- you guys are so fantastic and ten times more mature than I was when I first joined (probably more mature than I am now, to be honest). 

Although everything in my life seems to be rushing towards the dreaded destination of "Growing Up," I don't think that means I have to completely let go of all the things I love and that made my teen years so great. I used to think that I would absolutely have to leave WFW when I reached college. But as that date grows nearer, I realized... Why? Why do I have to leave if I don't want to let go yet? This site taught me so much about writing, it helped me to make so many friends, and it holds countless memories. Of course, I won't be able to be on much, but I'll try to drop in whenever, maybe actually write some things and definitely read some things (Definitely planning on reading Rise, but also feel free to leave recommendations on my talk page! It's been a while since I've properly looked at all the new good stories on here!).

To continue with my life update, besides graduating high school, I spent a month out of the country visiting family this summer. I met my newest cousin; my aunt just adopted the most adorable, precious little four month old baby boy.

I'm actually also moving this week to Georgia, which will be a big change (I'm a Chicago girl through and through). (EDIT: NEVER MIND, BACK TO CHICAGO FOLKS. I don't even know what my family is doing, but I'm happy.) And then of course two weeks after I get to my new house, I'm moving to my other new house (college, here I come!) which is seven hours away from my Georgia town. I'm excited and of course nervous for all these changes, but I'm sure all of it will teach me, and I'm thrilled for the adventure and independence.

How are you guys? For those of you still on break, how have your summers been? For those of you in school or wrapped up in activities, camps, work, etc, I hope you're doing well too and remember to take breaks when you can!

To everyone, thank you for making WFW such a wonderful place. I've missed it. I meant to be on a lot when I was on vacation abroad but unfortunately had very very little access to Internet. 

Love you guys!

- Rainy

P.S. Where does everyone hang out now? I know IRC's basically out except for me and Firey's occasional parties.

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