Please pardon the title of this blog. x3 I really didn't know what else to make it.

So, this isn't a leaving blog or anything, but it's also not the classic "Oh no school's starting... I might not be on as much blog" either. Or maybe it is, actually... er...

Well, see, I thought I could handle the wiki and high school. No problem. It's not like I actually do anything with my life, right? I'd have plenty of time to hang out, chat, and write on wiki as well as keep up with school(lol, notice the order they're listed)

But I think I was a teensy bit wrong.

Yes, this is partly because I've had marching band camp & high school prep all week, and I'm exhausted, grumpy, and frustrated. But it's also because of many other things. I want to look back on high school and smile because I did stuff. Made friends. Made use of my time. Did the best I could.

And as much as I LOVE you guys... I think I need to cut down on my time here to make that happen.

To clarify, I am NOT leaving. I am merely becoming less active. In fact, I probably will only be as active as the average user, since I'm normally so active. :P I will be on IRC and stuff, but not as much as usual either. Because I have to stop going on the computer so much. I have to grow up. Study. Do homework. Hang with friends. Do marching band, clubs, possibly sports/dance, and practice my saxophone for Jazz band tryouts. 

When I discovered this wiki, I was a lonely, bored kid on the internet who adored Warriors. Now, I still am basically that, but maybe I've grown up and out of Warriors? I still love it, but... to put it one way, I can imagine my life without them. I don't compare people to Firestar or Squirrelflight anymore. I don't get up every morning and plan what I want to do with my fanfics today. And believe it or not, I used to.

I've made some great friends on here, friends that I will remember for a lifetime, even after I actually leave the wiki for good. I love all of you guys. But don't be sad! I'm still editing and on here, remember? xD Just not as active.

Queen Unicorn out ;)

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