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  • I live in UAE, Dubai
  • I was born on June 24
  • My occupation is student (GCSE's)
  • I am Female
  • Poppyshadow

    I want to write a story based on the song 'Stck like there glue' but i'm no sure. heres the song: and tell me if I should. The charries are going to be Blaze and Poppy.

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  • Poppyshadow


    August 15, 2010 by Poppyshadow

    Me know other people have done this but I'm bored. so... WHO WANTS A CAT??? I'll draw from scratch so they all wont look the same.

    U can Have as many requests as you want but if there is a ¬_¬ it means that the requests are closed. If there is a =3 requests are open.

    just tell me:

    1: cat name/s

    2:how many cats

    3: M/F

    4: discrip/s

    5: background

    6: Extra. (collars, socks, belt, etc)

    7: user name.

    I will send u ya pics the moment i'm done so don't ask were to collect them! (I will close the requests once I have 5 requests and that when I'm a sleep I will also close the request!)

    At the moment I have to do:

    Arti's: Splashpaw and Dusksky

    Evening's: Sleetpaw

    Forest's: Forestheart

    Birdie's: Birdwing and Crookedpaw

    Smudgy's: Hollyfrost

    Misty's: Mistysun

    TPL's: Runningflig…

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  • Poppyshadow

    The title says it all... How do people do it!!! I've been trying to upload my speedpaint onto youtube for 3 days now! I have the right file type, the right size and argggggggg! it won't work. Grrrr you person who invented the thing called a speedpaint!

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  • Poppyshadow

    the title says it all! It... is... AWSOME! who else has one?

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  • Poppyshadow

    Come join!

    July 19, 2010 by Poppyshadow

    Come join this wiki if you have any fan-art for the Warriors.You can also see other peoples fan-art. As well you can get fan-art for ur own charries!! Plz join!! Poppy I wish I can love Blaze more than I can! 13:32, July 19, 2010 (UTC)

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