flub flub... I HAVEN'T BEEN ON HERE IN AGES!!!!!!! I'M SOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOO SOOOO SOOOOOO EXTRA EXTRA SORRY!!!!!!! how can i make it up 2 u guys!!!!

wanna hear my reasons 4 not being on? k:

  1. I have gotten dumped with tons of work from school
  2. netball tornaments/ matches
  3. tendonitis (more info if u ask)
  4. so many of my friends are leaving so i'm going through a rough time.
  5. GCSE options
  6. tests
  7. home work.

yeah... all of that IS A PAIN!!!! but i will go on more now... i have written some stories but no sure weather there good enough to put up. =/

bad news... great, my tendonitis is not allowing me to draw (nor write) so i have a thumb brace on for a month (have worn it for 2 weeks) so it will be off in 2 weeks!!!!

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