Heyyyy guys~ It's Vee, and I'm opening a contest~! :D It's a fanfic contest, so no poems or songfics, though you can use a few song lyrics or a couple of poem-like areas.


1) It must be love and/or heartbreak.

2) It must be finished by the deadline. If it's not done by then, you may ask for no more than one extension.

3) Have fun~! :D

4) If you lose, don't be mad. I won't approve of one of the people who didn't win insulting one who did win.

Entry Form


Story's Title + Link:

Theme (must be love, heartbreak, or both):



I'll accept two more judges. This won't be a first-come first-serve thing. I'll accept people that I trust as story judges. The judges must:

1) Read the whole story and leave a detailed comment, with their score at the end.

2) Not be biased ("she's my best friend so she gets 200/15"). It isn't fair to the writers if they get a lower score because one was the judge's friend.


For the judges, here's the critique rules:

  1. Judge the story's grammar and spelling (includes whether or not there were paragraphs, capital letters, etc.)
  2. It's out of 15. (three ?/5, adding up to 15)
  3. Again, you may not be biased.
  4. You should not judge on the chapter's lengths, but more like on the grammar as stated above. You can judge the length if it's like two paragraphs each chapter.
  5. Judge on the story's developement (aka how the plot unfolded; smoothly or did you even know what was going on).

And to finish

The deadline is November 4th. The stories must be finished by that time, or the unfinished ones won't be counted (unless you ask for an extension, and it is approved, OR you have a believable reason for the story being late).

You can have as many chapters as you want.

The prizes will be:

1st place: A digitally-drawn picture from me, and a gradiented sig by the fantabulous Firey~

2nd place: A digitally-drawn picture from me, OR a gradiented sig by Firey (Your choice!)

3rd place: A normal sig by me~

Have fun~! c:


Firey with Hold Your Breath

Eclipse with Veiled Love

Brighty with We Can't Stay

Midnight with One Choice or Another






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