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  • NightstarTheLeader

    hi two people i know and 87 strangers.

    i'm night. nighty. garlic bread. whoever.

    just to clear things up i did leave. yeahsorry

    felt maybe the wiki needed a farewell. seen as i spent a good year on here. tbh most of ya'll don't remember or never met me. i just guess it was my time to leave the wiki. no more ideas. no more motivation. more time to do other things.

    so yeah. i'm gone.



    act like i was never here.

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  • NightstarTheLeader

    guess who's back, back again,

    nighty's back, tell a friend,


    i'm alive, it's fall, my books are going well, and life is fUNNNN. haa no i have anxiety and minor depression i'm broken inside. i'd go outside but it's rainy so *shrugg*

    does anybody remember me or am i just ranting at myself >3<

    anyways i'm looking for somebody to give me suggestions for The Lunar Games (shameless self advertising) because i'm stuck and don't know what to doooooo sO bottom line i'm here, i have a story, i need people to help me bc i'm laz- busy and bc it's too much for meh.

    little poll thingy answer it in the questions for literally nothing:

    who is your favorite warrior cat and why?

    mood swings ugh. now i'm sad and feeling forgotten. anybody got a cure?

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  • NightstarTheLeader

    aheh little nugget

    September 22, 2018 by NightstarTheLeader

    i'm a nugget, don't lie to me.

    okay seriously i'm rethinking re-joining but never left but faded away and coming back.

    i rarely get replies to comments (besides hollywhisker and coco), and i never get comments in general anymore. am i that old? i feel like a grandpa om.

    well grandma, but you get the point.

    anyways just saying i started writing my own book, the wiki is falling behind on me, and i think i might be a little less active/pretty much dead.

    yeah thanks, you might see me, you might not, you might ignore me and never respond to this, but any of those is fine, so i don't really care anymore. gonna edit this a bit to give you updates on the story/fanfiction i'm writing and other things, so i'm not completely gone. thanks for understanding…

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  • NightstarTheLeader


    August 7, 2018 by NightstarTheLeader

    ahem everybody, ahem.

    i'm calling on you to make fanfictions ye

    seriously stories i made like a month ago are on the new pages section, nobody did anything for three days, and my art was stolen. is the wiki dead or something?

    0 news, 0 comments, 0 online.

    do i have to make a contest like on pinefur's wiki? seriously?

    pastel, doggo, bramble, patch, coco, storm, firey, warrior, literally everybody else i know

    come back please? it's lonely.



    also please don't steal my art, it's mine, and i never gave anybody permission to use my art. alright? alright.

    so please return, please write, please speak, i'm alone




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  • NightstarTheLeader


    ok now i have that covered

    i have a spoof idea. but it is like a collab, idk

    fill out the app, and one person will be selected. i will give them a character for in their talkpage, and we will begin.

    it is: the battle of the spoofs

    spoof clans:

    spoofwarts *led by me*

    lord spoofemort *dark forest harry potters* *led by tiggystar*

    dark forest *led by mapleshade*

    the sane cats *led by firestar*

    the tin cans! *led by leafpool*

    le form is

    Meh Name Ish

    I like spoofs because

    List three reasons nighty is the best spoofer ever




    And what i will add to the spoof


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