NightshimmerXD NightshimmerXD 11 December 2012


Okay, so before I start the story I will clear up a few things.

In my last blog I said I was going through a rough time. Well, my grandfather died. He got military honors at his funeral which was nice.

Before you immediately comment "OMS NIGHTY I'm soooooooo sorry! D: D: D: D:" know that that difficult time has passed, la dee da, okai. On to the story. C:

(Btw this was inspired by a chat from me and Robo. Plus this is kinda the same format as Life of Pi, because it's just such an awesome story. :D)

(BTW: If I mention you in a weird way, please don't feel offended, I'm just making a joke :) )

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Part One: Legends and Lore
  • 3 Part Two: The Actual Quest
  • 4 Part Three: The Return Home
  • 5 Epilogue

(To set the scene: Robo and Nighty, in cat form, ar…

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NightshimmerXD NightshimmerXD 30 November 2012

This blog is actually serious

Okay so guys, I might not be around the wiki much these days. I'm in a....rough time of my life right now, and...I really need support from you guys. I just want you to know how awesome you are. Just pure awesome.

Thank you, Arti, for being my rolemodel, and amazing writer, and a motherly figure to the wiki.

Thank you, Fork, for tolerating me when I'm a noob and try to hang with the oldies.

Thank you, Birchy, for just...being here, even if I don't really know you.

Thank you, Wetty, for being an amazing drawer and a supportive figure.

Thank you, Waffa, for being the waffle I can nom when I'm down.

Thank you, Sandwich, for being pure beast.

Thank you, CatZ, for being an oldie who notices me.

Thank you, Icy, for being a fellow Rush fan and being ther…

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NightshimmerXD NightshimmerXD 25 November 2012


Guys, I'm so, so sorry. I just can't do it anymore. Everything that's happened... I just can't. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm leaving the wiki. I'll miss you guys so, so, so very much. You're like family to me, I just can't do it anymore.

And if you fell for that, YOU, SIRS AND MA'AMS, ARE DERPHEADS. xD

Lol, I just wanted to get your attention. This is actually an advertising blog. I really want you people to go read Skyfall, because it's my favorite story so far and I wuvs it. It's so tragic it makes me jump with joy!

Whoa, that sounded very weird right there o_0 But ANYWAYS please read it. I've worked really really hard on it so yeah. Um yeah.


Nighty out, lolz --Thanksgiving Time!I will eat in your honor, Niall 01:14, November…

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NightshimmerXD NightshimmerXD 11 November 2012


Okay so most of my last few blogs have been all serious and crap, but I read Robo's new blog and decided to steal *ahem* use her idea.


Which wikian would you....

Share music with?

Share clothes with?

Chat with for an entire day?

Steal money from?

Be best friends with?

Live in the same house with?

Share writing ideas with?

Have a food fight with?

Foster a child with?

Make an admin?

Take to a phychiatrist?

Steal food from?

Go out to dinner with?

Be your servant? BTW: Read Skyfall! It's my best story!

Answer them! :D My judgement's clouded like tonight's sky ♥ 20:26, November 11, 2012 (UTC)

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NightshimmerXD NightshimmerXD 4 November 2012

Important NC Announcement

Okay, so.

I've decided, for all you NC (NightClan) RPers out there, to tell y'all something. If you were on chat a couple of hours ago, you'll know, but...yeah. So, on to the point.

I'm quitting NC. And WC (WhisperClan) for that matter. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I don't have time anymore. And I've had some bad RP experiences, but we shant delve into that. Anyways, yeah. That's pretty much it.

For NigthClan, I leave Brookpaw (now Brookwhisper, apparently) to Rainy. I leave Ambersky to Ninja.

If y'all can tell, I'm kinda bummed about this. On chat everyone was like, "NUUU NIGHTY YOU MUST STAYYY". But um yeah, please don't try to convince me to stay (not to sound dramatic). So if y'all can spread the word to everyone on NC and…

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