Okay, so before I start the story I will clear up a few things.

In my last blog I said I was going through a rough time. Well, my grandfather died. He got military honors at his funeral which was nice.

Before you immediately comment "OMS NIGHTY I'm soooooooo sorry! D: D: D: D:" know that that difficult time has passed, la dee da, okai. On to the story. C:

(Btw this was inspired by a chat from me and Robo. Plus this is kinda the same format as Life of Pi, because it's just such an awesome story. :D)

(BTW: If I mention you in a weird way, please don't feel offended, I'm just making a joke :) )


(To set the scene: Robo and Nighty, in cat form, are sitting in Robo's sparkly neon blue living room)

Nighty: So, Robo. Why have you called me to your MCEPICSAUCE house?

Robo: Will you tell me a stowy? Pwease? *huge puppy eyes*

Nighty: Okay, but it's long.

Robo: I don't care!

Nighty: You might want to make some tea.

Robo: Okay! *goes to make tea*


Robo: Hear's the tea! *hands Nighty a cup*

Nighty: *drinks* Mmm, this reminds me of Nightyan tea!

Robo: ...Nightyan tea?

Nighty: You asked for a story. You wanna hear this one?

Robo: Sure! :D

Nighty: It's about a mystical quest for a lost language, deep in the jungles of Wikiton.

Robo: Ooh! Ooh! Robo wanna hear! :D :D

Nighty: Okay. *sips tea* Here goes nothing...

Part One: Legends and Lore

Nighty: I was born in a small town named Dooflegnaville, on the outskirts of Forest's Forest in Wikiton. Dooflegnaville was a very superstitous town--of course that would make sense, since Forest's Forest is neverending, and some say filled with ghosts and stuff. 

Nighty: I was always a curious kit. The village elders always told me to accept things as they were and not try to unravel mysteries, but I couldn't help myself. Dooflegnaville had a long, painful history that I was always trying to figure out. The adult cats would always scold me when I asked for a story about the old days, saying they were "past, and of no importance now". 

Robo: Were they trying to hide something?

Nighty: All in good time, Robo. *sips tea* *ahem* Anyways, there was one elder I knew I could talk to. He was an erratic sort of fellow, who never brushed his fur and always stabbed at the kits with his non-existent sword whenever they came too close. His name was Waffa.

Robo: What kind of cat is named Waffa?

Nighty: Well, Waffa aparently. As I was saying, one day I was fed up with all of the older toms and she-cats telling me to get my nose out of the ancient scrolls and go play outside instead of sitting in the musty old Dooflegnaville library. I had carefully placed my scroll back on the shelf, stomped outside, and gone to talk to Waffa about something random. 

Nighty: I walked up to Waffa and said, "Hi, Waffa. How's it going?" He hissed at me, and waved his non-existent sword. "Bhackl! Bhackl I say!" 

Nighty: Confused, I asked him what 'bhackl' meant. He huffed, scrossed his paws, and replied, "You wouldn't know, kit." I glared at him and brandished my own non-existent sword. He pulled his from his non-existent sheath. 

Robo: So...you're having a non-existent sword fight with an old guy? I'm confused D:

Nighty: Yeah, I was a strange kit. The other kits had stopped playing and gathered around to watch me, the village nerd, and Waffa, the village whackjob, duel with our swords that didn't actually exist. They watched excitedly because they knew they could torment me about it afterwards.

Nighty: I swung my air-sword as he blocked my blow with his. Screaming rage, Waffa swung at me, but I ducked and rolled to his back and slashed across his tail. He uttered a deep growl, so deep it made my fur fluff up involuntarily, and launched at me, screeching. "Swordis!" he hollered, and suddenly his non-existent sword was real, with a gleaming silver blade and a hilt encrusted with jades and sapphires. I shrieked, and scuttled backward away from him. He muttered something under his breath, and the sword disapeared as he stuck it back in the air-hilt. 

Robo: o_o Really? *grabs air-sword and waves it around* Swordis! Swordis! Swordiiiiiis! *still air-sword*

Nighty: *laughs* It's alright, you'll learn more later. 

Part Two: The Actual Quest

Part Three: The Return Home


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