Yes, this is Nighty. No, I'm not back.

For those of you who remember me, if you're even still here, let me get something out--I have missed y'all so much. I'll be sitting in a random class, doing homework or something, and bam, WFW pops in my head. Y'all are such a huge part of my life, and will always be, even when I'm crumbly and old.

Also, a huge thank-you to everyone who befriended me and was so kind to me in the tough times after my grandpa died (you know who you are). I'm not exagerrating, you guys kept me from suicide. Thank you so much.

I've changed a lot since the good ole days when I was on here every waking hour I could. My current occupation is being a tumblr-obsessed loser who likes to draw and take really stupid pictures of herself. I've grown from a noob in the height of her XD-phase to a sarcastic asshole who likes Doctor Who and ice-cream. I've grown up a lot since I was last here. 

I've grown away from Warriors a lot, and leaned more towards Homestuck, Doctor Who, and various Youtubers. My current favorite food is chicken nuggets and 80% of the time I am sitting at this laptop, scrolling through my tumblr dash, Skype roleplaying, and stalking a fifteen-year-old gay boy named Josh. (HE KNOWS I EXIST I'M SO HAPPY)

You're probably wondering, "Damn, Nighty, what's the purpose of this blog?" There really isn't a purpose, except to tell you that I miss you guys and I love you all, even the people I fought with. (Zaffie, if you see this, I can still bake you that rainbow cake I promised on IRC.) 

Oh, and Red--we still need to meet up for a 1D concert. A Nighty never forgets her promises.

If you wanna keep up with me, I'll be at , or @yoitsfrannie for Instagram. 

Lots of hugs, nuggets, and butts,


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