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    November 28, 2012 by Mystical Moonstone

    I know, I know. I'm on a blog-making kick. But I really have to ask you guys something!

    As most of you know, I don't like my username at all. Well, I've been thinking about changing it... I have username chosen, I know how, and I can do it at any time.

    But first, I want to see what you guys think. It might not effect the result that much (that is, I'm probably still going to change it, even if everybody says I shouldn't) but I want to hear what you think. And please, no "it's your choice". I know it's my choice. I just want to hear what you think about my choice XD

    So... vote! Below! Tell me what you voted for in the comments. And why you voted for that. Thanks :D


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  • Mystical Moonstone

    Okay, lots of people have been doing this, I know. But I had a really insane conversation, I learned how to take a screenshot... So, yeah, suffer through having to read my convo XD

    Also, for clarification, I'm Moon_/Nire, and Nlaruche is my ghost.

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  • Mystical Moonstone

    My Collab Details

    November 23, 2012 by Mystical Moonstone

    Okay, so I originally was going to host a short contest to decide, but since nobody has actually written their chapters, I'm just choosing one person.

    That person will be... *drumroll* Rainy!!! She's always on, she's an amazing writer... I have tons of reasons why. But mainly cuz I think she's the best writer on here. (No offense to anybody.)

    So, Rainy, if you're too busy to join, or you don't want to, or anything, just tell me! I can always find somebody else... or just not do a collab at all.

    If you do want to do one, then we should chat about it on NC's IRC tomorrow. To, you know, work out the kinks and details and all that.

    Sorry if this hurts anybody's feelings/disappoints them... I think this will be easiest. For more than one reason. Um…

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  • Mystical Moonstone

    Okay, so I know a lot of people (okay, I've seen like two) are making blogs about Thanksgiving, but I've been waiting until Thanksgiving to write mine. Here goes:

    I'm thankful for the Warriors series, for being so good.

    I'm thankful for the Erin Hunters, for working together to make something as special as Warriors.

    I'm thankful for this Wiki, for bringing lots of people together to form a sort of community.

    I'm thankful for being able to write my "own" fanfictions, that people will read, and actually comment on.

    I'm thankful for having changed my mind and not leaving after all.

    But most of all, I'm thankful for my friends on here, friends who will read my afore-mentioned stories, tell me how much they love them, and gently correct my mistakes. Fr…

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  • Mystical Moonstone

    Okay, hold on, gotta put up the MB-Keeper-Outer-Electric-Fences. *puts up the MB-Keeper-Outer-Electric-Fences* Sorry, inside joke, most people won't get it. The only person that will I just out up electric fences to keep out. XD

    Anyway, on to the actual PURPOSE of this blog! (Yes, this blog does have a purpose.)

    I'm starting a collab! Course, most of my friends (okay, like six of them. I seriously hope that I have more than six friends on here), already are IN a collab, but still, I'm starting one.

    I've been wanting to do one for a while. If you're interested, tell me in the comments. I'll determine who wins it by a contest. Not my writing contest, a different one. First, however, I need to find out if anybody is actually going to join.

    So tell …

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