Melodybird Melodybird 12 April 2012

Pleaseth read... pwease??? pwetty pwease???? :D

Okay, so for those of you who don't know me (100% of you) my name is MELODYBIRD!!!! Whoopty-hoo!!!!!!! You might have read some of my fanfictions... who knows???? Anyways, I was thinking earlier, and into the hollow (ish) depths of my mind crept an idea.

Its the... WARRIORS WORD story!!!!!!

It's basically roleplay, but you can only add ONE WORD at a time. You can't write two words in a row unless it's a word like "the" or "a". You know what I mean. Don't you??? (DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Person 1: I

Person 2: crouched

Person 3: beneath the

Person 4: shady

Person 5: willow.

Person 6: "Greenpelt!"

Person 7: called

Person 8 : Treedapple

Person 9: loudly.


I know its a weird idea. My ideas are weird (they reflect my personality XD )

Maybe …

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