Melodybird Melodybird 27 October 2012

I have an idea for the wiki and I need people to read it

Hey, WFF. I've written this a few times, and it's proven quite difficult. This is the fourth attempt at this blog. I'm trying not to sound desperate, but I am.

People are leaving. People that we all love are care about. One minute, they're there, writing fanfictions and joking and laughing with the rest of us. Then they fade away and we never see them again.

It's been going for a while. But when Red left, I think something snapped inside of me. I'm not blaming her for anything. I'm just saying that her departure was when I came up with this.

Guys, this is a place where we come to get away from the world. This is a place where it doesn't matter if you're ugly, or if you have a lisp that makes people snigger at every word you say, or if you hav…

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Melodybird Melodybird 11 October 2012

This contest has a massive prize and you should enter it. Now.

I am hosting a very, very important contest.

It's so important, there are no words to describe it's important-ness

Read on to discover more!

  • 1 Basics
  • 2 Prize
  • 3 Characters
  • 4 Guidelines
  • 5 Rules

You can write any fanfiction you like, as long as it follows the rules. You must use two of the characters that I suggest, and follow the further guidelines. Anyone can enter, and I'd really like as many entrants as I can. The prize is massive, so having a go would be great. If only one person enters, they still have to write me a story. Because I love stories!

I just started a wiki called "Hanging Out Wiki." The winner of this contest becomes an admin with all rights. They may also select a friend to become a rollback there.

Smokeheart- big, smoky gray tom with str…

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Melodybird Melodybird 29 August 2012

I'm sorry, guys. Really. :(

I'm leaving the wiki.

LOL, jks, not really. I tried to post a leaving blog but it was too painful to live two minutes without this place, so I deleted the content and now I'm writing this so I don't have a blank blog. I LOVE YOU GUYS TO MUCH :). If anyone knows how to delete blogs, then please could you do that for me? Thanks. By the way, the reason I attempted to leave was the fact that I spend more time on here than on my schoolwork. I guess I'll just have to limit myself. So... yeah. Awkward.

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Melodybird Melodybird 25 August 2012

Read this or risk being suffocated by cheese-and-pesto sandwiches

I'm going to keep this short, and to the point. The real reason is laziness, but my cover story is that the wiki is going to be in grave danger in a very short amount of time and I must tell you about this quickly to make time for preparations.

An alien in outer space (position: NW132o) has contacted me by means of telephone, and informed me that the MPO (Martian Police Organisation) plans an attack on the Warriors Fanfiction Wiki. Their weapons? Simple. Cheese-and-pesto sandwiches. You may find this comical, but one cannot underestimate the harm such a weapon can inflict. There is only one hope for the wiki. Your fellow comrade, Melodybird, has written a new fanfiction named Choking darkness, which she intends for her fellow wikians to rea…

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Melodybird Melodybird 27 July 2012

Turkey, Olympics, Sunshine and Excitement (a.k.a the best holiday EVER)


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