I'm going to keep this short, and to the point. The real reason is laziness, but my cover story is that the wiki is going to be in grave danger in a very short amount of time and I must tell you about this quickly to make time for preparations.

An alien in outer space (position: NW132o) has contacted me by means of telephone, and informed me that the MPO (Martian Police Organisation) plans an attack on the Warriors Fanfiction Wiki. Their weapons? Simple. Cheese-and-pesto sandwiches. You may find this comical, but one cannot underestimate the harm such a weapon can inflict. There is only one hope for the wiki. Your fellow comrade, Melodybird, has written a new fanfiction named Choking darkness, which she intends for her fellow wikians to read. Those who keep in touch with the poorly written piece of writing have a chance of survival. Do not say that you have not been warned.


I have a new fanfic coming out. Read it if you read my stories. Thanks.

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