Okay, I spent ages trying to come up with a good name for this blog. I failed miserably. Well, at least it rhymes now.

Anyway, I have a few questions for y'all out there. I'm... like.... totally confused. Actually, not totally confused. Just confubbulated (which means kind-of confused). ANYWAY. About my quest for a vaster knowledge on this wiki and beyond...

Firstly, who is the founder of this wiki? Because there are admins, but founders are different, right? Because at first I thought Arti was the founder because she's the head, but then I was looking at that community board thingy and she said something about someone called Foresty, who I'm guessing must be the OLD head admin. So was she the founder???

Secondly, are you meant to make serieses of blog posts? (Is that the plural of "series"???) Because I've just been doing random ones. And also, I was reading the rules more carefully yesterday and I saw that if you make too many off-topic blogs, you could get banned. At first I was really scared because I am always doing off-topic blogs. But then I noticed more well-known users doing non-Warriors-related blogs too. So it that allowed? I'm sorry if it isn't. I genuinely don't mean to break the rules.

Thirdly, do you think it would be an act of complete idiocy if a new-ish wikia- user made up a wiki? I'm just curious, because it would be so cool to create a wiki and be an admin and go evil and dominate the world.... *coughs* maybe not the evil world domination part. But... ya know. It would be cool. But I probably won't EVER have time because we have stupid exams coming up.

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