Hey guys, Melody here. I was lying in bed last night and having what I like to call a Deep Thinking Session, where I think deeply about anything and everything there is to think about. And I got the the subject of being alone.

My personal belief is that when you die, you don't think or feel anything. You're deaf, blind, tasteless, unable to smell and taste and unable to think. Forever. And ever. Time goes on and on. Another day after the next. And you don't have the pleasure of company in that time. Equally, the time of existance - not of life, not of this planet, but existance - stretches on long before the day you were born. The time you have to spend days with other humans is so short, so sweet, surely we should embrace it?

But equally, it's important to have time to know yourself for who you are, to recognise the person that you are. To understand the essence of yourself, what you feel, what makes you feel that way. It's important to understand you, the person who you are and always will be. The life that lies within a body that will exist forever more, although it's form will deteriorate and decay. A contribution to the seven billion others of it's kind, equal in every way to every other part of that group. Is it not best to know who you will always be as oppose to people you know momentarily?

I don't know. I put this to you: is it better to be alone or with others?

Answers in the comments please. I'd really like thoughtful answers for this, because I love hearing other people's opinions.

See ya!

♥ Music is my life the lyrics are my story ♥ 18:26, November 13, 2012 (UTC)

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