Melodybird Melodybird 31 December 2012


I haven't been on here in forever, so you've probably all forgotten about me.

This won't come as a shock.

I'm leaving. It's because of my own life. Not you guys. Never worry about that. My time here was awesome.

Remember, everyone's time has to come to an end. It would be great if we could all stay here forever, but the thing is, life carries us all on. We grow out of warriors, or we get in a fight and leave, or life just becomes too busy. A word of advice is to make the most of your time here, because it's a truly amazing experience and I met many of  my truest ever friends on here.

Happy new year, y'all

Melody :)

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Melodybird Melodybird 27 November 2012

Calling everyone involved in Melody's contest (Ash, Robo and the contestants)!


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Melodybird Melodybird 16 November 2012

What happens on the IRC when you guys aren't there

Okay, guys. Y'all think I'm nothing more than an average wikian. You are wrong. I actually happen to be a ghost.

I haunt the IRC when you guys aren't there. And when it gets boring, I have lone-parties.

Just so you know... nothing on this wiki is how is seems. Especially the IRC.

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Melodybird Melodybird 13 November 2012

Is it better to be alone or with others?

Hey guys, Melody here. I was lying in bed last night and having what I like to call a Deep Thinking Session, where I think deeply about anything and everything there is to think about. And I got the the subject of being alone.

My personal belief is that when you die, you don't think or feel anything. You're deaf, blind, tasteless, unable to smell and taste and unable to think. Forever. And ever. Time goes on and on. Another day after the next. And you don't have the pleasure of company in that time. Equally, the time of existance - not of life, not of this planet, but existance - stretches on long before the day you were born. The time you have to spend days with other humans is so short, so sweet, surely we should embrace it?

But equally, i…

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Melodybird Melodybird 7 November 2012

*Trumpet horn blares* She-cats and toms, please welcome... Melody's teen life advice blog No. 1!


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