Okay, ****iest day of my life.

It didn't start out that crappy. It started out normal. Sleep in, get up, get dressed, spend 5 minutes looking for a pair of socks, realize I'm sitting on them, etc.

Things go downhill around 4:30 pm. We were derigging the boats (we have a reggetta tomorrow), when one of the coaches comes up to me, and sends me to my mum. Mum's crying, and I assume it's her mom who's passed away.


It was my dad's father. He was hit my a car around 3:00, sent to hospital, and died at 4:00.

So after sobbing for the past...4 hours, I needed to come out and rant.

I'm missing my Middle School Grad Dance tonight, and I'm missing the regatta tomorrow. I'm feeling nauseous, and want to curl up in a little ball.

So, if poof for longer than normal, you now know why.


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