Leopardkit Leopardkit 8 May 2010

Justin Bieber *stabs*

Okay, Justin Bieber- Who hates him??

I do, but I think it's not him, [his music isn't THAT bad] it's the obsessions over him. I don't need to see him on the cover of EVERY magazine, telling me "What He Likes in a Girl". Like I would ever meet him, let alone date him.

With all the hunger and poverty in the world, do we really need to know or care about the shape of his nose??

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Leopardkit Leopardkit 17 April 2010

Cute Warrior & Kit Names!

Hey. I was on a RP site (Zaffie's. It's awesome! (= ) and I was thinking about my character's kits names. I thought Heatherkit and Featherkit would be good, But then a new player joined named Featherkit! ugh. Does anyone else have any other rhyming warrior names, or just cute ones?--LeopardkitSunClan Forever! 02:48, April 17, 2010 (UTC)

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Leopardkit Leopardkit 27 March 2010


5 minutes ago, as I was on my couch watching reruns on Disney, I had a half-dream. I was aware that I was falling asleep, but could care less. I was walking down the school hall with my new friend Pam, [i think it was the same time, cloths, & setting as this morning] and then, I FALL! I sit up, startled... now I can't sleep. Had this ever happened to you? For me, a always, fall, whether it be down stairs or on my shoelace, always falling...--LeopardkitSunClan Forever! 04:28, March 27, 2010 (UTC)

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Leopardkit Leopardkit 12 March 2010

Opinion on a random Non-warriors writing

Okay. Hi. Greetings. Salutations. Hola. and... HELLO! Well... In english class, we have to write poems, and I need your opinion on it. We have to chose one poem that we wrote to share to the class. I need to make sure this is the right one. Can you give your thoughts?

___Dew Drops___
Tears from the
Sun above
Dance to the ground.
Summer frost
Ices on
Desert haze
That is our
And Hope.
Hidden in Grass Blades,
They are secret.

I know it sucks. Any idea how to fix it? (please...?) Oh, and I wrote a poem about grass (yes, you just read that right) that my writing partner liked, but I lost it! I am upset now!

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Leopardkit Leopardkit 31 January 2010

Does anybody have an answer to my dilemia?

I have a friend name Sara (that's not her real name), and we're really close, but she's kinda immature for our age. She still seems like the 4th grader I meet over 3 years ago. On our online clan, she is WAY to overdramatic on the laid-back site. She's causing my 2 friends who have just joined to get in trouble and cause mayhem (they play my kits, so I get in trouble when THEY get in trouble), she acts like me and my sister (the leader) are the villains. I wanna be a good friend, but I need an answer. This isn't exactly the best place to put it, but... All I need is an answer...--LeopardkitSunClan Forever! 21:11, January 31, 2010 (UTC)

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