Leopardkit Leopardkit 4 September 2010


M- May the odds ever be in your favor.

O- Outstanding death scenes

C- Creative!

K- Kindhearted people DIE.

I- Insanity on cool characters!

N- Narrow escapes.

G- GREAT?!?!?!?! um der teh der?

J- JOHANNA! Sorry couldn't think of one! or is it... JABBERJAYS??? (Courtesy of Shiney)


Y- You must read!

I entered a contest... AND WON A MOCKINGJAY TEE SHIRT! NO JOKE! It says... "I am... THE MOCKINGJAY" Sweet! I would give you the link, but it has my last name, so, that sucks.--LeopardkitSunClan Forever! 03:31, September 5, 2010 (UTC)

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Leopardkit Leopardkit 17 August 2010

Being a Ginger...

Sorry for random blog post. I just hate it when people make fun of my Gingerness. *sets ginger haters on fire* My hair is like EXTREMELY reddish. At my lakehouse, this kid keeps calling me a "retarded ginger." He sucks. I don't have any redhead friends, but my older sister is one. (yeah, I'm like 3/4 Irish.) Is anybody else her labeled a "Ginger", or not even made fun of for being redheaded?--LeopardkitSunClan Forever! 17:03, August 17, 2010 (UTC)

Favorite gingers: FIRESTAR!

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Leopardkit Leopardkit 7 August 2010

1001 EDITS!!

1000 EDITS! Oh, fudge! 1001! =).

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Leopardkit Leopardkit 7 August 2010


Back from camp!!!!!!!! Miss you guys! But, I HAZ RETURNED! And as a proud WindClaner, no less. =D!

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Leopardkit Leopardkit 24 July 2010


Hiya peeps! Heading to camp, to weeks! I'm going Sunday, but I might not be able to get on. So I'll getting back August........ 7th? Um, yeah, let's go with that....

ANYWAY, maybe i'll get shiney to post watever im doing. BUT, no calls, texts, or even like, and ipod! =O. technology withdrawal. Plus, the only sugar they let you have is the REALLY small dessert at dinner (stupid proportional sizes) any candy that your parents send you (but you have to be careful, 'cuz it takes awhile to get new candy... =| ), or if any special events (like watching movies) give you things (like ice cream sundaes =D).

So, like, bai! but, when i get to my cousins house, maybe later i can get on. not for certain.

okay, mom nagging me to get off. BAI FROM LEOPARD! …

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