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Leopardkit Leopardkit 6 October 2010

Pet Peeves

I'm listing stuff that annoys me in fan fictions. Cliches. Tell me more in comments pleaseeee. I wanna see what you think, and if you have more ideas.

.... are you still awake after that drab plot? That's like in SO many fanfctions. I'm not insulting you guys or anything, I DO NOT wanna fight, but it bores me. Spice it up, like

  • Ashes to Cinders- The cute kit Rose dies. Nice twist.
  • She's evil. MWAHAHA!
  • Don't name her Lily, Rose, Blossom! Not another attack of the Warm- *eaten alive by warm fuzzies*
  • Make her less than perfect- a disability, a weakness, bad skills...
    • But don't make her that weak, helpless, poor scrap that needs someone to protect her. Make her independent! Strong-willed!
  • We've all made this mistake in one way or another. Even Moi, in o…

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Leopardkit Leopardkit 26 September 2010



So much work to catch up on! so little time! I hate this! Entire projects I missed. Major tests. Well, gonna be gone for a while.

If I'm on without celebrating that I've caught up, tell me to leave. immediately. k thanks bye.

Sadly, LeopardkitSunClan Forever!

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Leopardkit Leopardkit 17 September 2010


Yeah!!!!!! 12 years old! Now let's go get some GLUTEN-FREE CUPCAKES!!!!!!

Locker Decorated! Didn't get to my locker until later cuz my friends were still taping the wrapping paper to it. :)

In science, wore a birthday tiara.

People "sung" me happy birthday in music. More likely made my ears bleed. :)

Still had too take 4 quizzes at school. :(

Yay!!!!!--LeopardkitSunClan Forever! 22:21, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

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Leopardkit Leopardkit 10 September 2010

Misty's Stupid Internet

Been missing Misty lately? Well, her internet seems to hate this site, so she cant get on. ughhhh! so, just telling you. :(

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Leopardkit Leopardkit 10 September 2010

CRUDSICLE!!!! 7th grade.

My first day on Tuesday.

  • 2 Period 1: French
  • 3 Period 2: English
  • 4 Period 3: Science
  • 5 Period 4: Social Studies
  • 6 Period 5: LUNCH!
  • 7 Period 6: Music
  • 8 Period 7: PE
  • 9 Period 8: Math
  • 10 Period 9: Reading

(place were we go for fire drills, special announcements, etc) My Math teacher and Art teacher were the heads of my group. The gave us our locker combos and did a practice fire drill. Because it's not part of our normal schedule, shortened periods for the rest of the day.

Okay, so I was nervously talking to MISTY!!!!!!! cause it's our first year with language, and then the teacher, came in and started speaking French, and were were all confuzzled until our minds exploded. and we all lived happily ever after. the end.

Better, this time had it with…

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