Hey. It's Leppy, your friend who is never on. But I haven't been on in the past few days for a legitimate reason. No power and no internet. It. freaking. sucks. Cause stupid Hurricane Irene caused flooding and falling trees all over. Every little stream around my area is now a river, with white caps and everything. A huge tree fell right on my roof! My window isn't a view of the yard anymore. It's now a view of branches smashed up against it. Lovely. My sister and I ate ravioli cooked in a pot on the grill! Then we roasted marshmallows on it :). But we had to sit around in the dark huddle around flashlights! Annoying!

Gotta go. I'm at my aunt's house right now. We just took hot showers and are charging our phones and computers. Then we're going out to eat. Bye! I'll update later... if I ever get power! Particulary Good Finder Hufflepuff!!! 22:13, August 29, 2011 (UTC)


I have power! The tree has been EXTERMINATED (Sorry, watching Doctor Who at the moment, which I love with a burning passion!) and the internet works! Yay! Some people in my town don't even have power yet! Um, it's been like, what, 4 days? You power people need to get your act together. Seriously. But today I enjoyed such luxuries as a refrigerator, stove, clocks, air conditioning, hot water and internet. It was pleasant. Less pleasant was going to school to find out where my classrooms are. More pleasant was hanging out with my friend afterward. We went on the trampoline, swing set (and broke the slide XD) and played monopoly while her rather plump cat sat in a box. That was awesome.

Au revoir! Particulary Good Finder Hufflepuff!!! 05:42, September 1, 2011 (UTC)

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