I'm listing stuff that annoys me in fan fictions. Cliches. Tell me more in comments pleaseeee. I wanna see what you think, and if you have more ideas.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful She-kit named (*insert type of flower here*) who was orphaned after birth. She uses her extreme skill and talent to become clan leader, blahblahblah, and is perfectly beautiful and kind in everyway

.... are you still awake after that drab plot? That's like in SO many fanfctions. I'm not insulting you guys or anything, I DO NOT wanna fight, but it bores me. Spice it up, like

  • Ashes to Cinders- The cute kit Rose dies. Nice twist.
  • She's evil. MWAHAHA!
  • Don't name her Lily, Rose, Blossom! Not another attack of the Warm- *eaten alive by warm fuzzies*
  • Make her less than perfect- a disability, a weakness, bad skills...
    • But don't make her that weak, helpless, poor scrap that needs someone to protect her. Make her independent! Strong-willed!
  • We've all made this mistake in one way or another. Even Moi, in one of my earlier pathetic stories. Lilykit, the small, meek medicine cat...
    • Speaking of which, how about a male medicine cat for once? Not the pretty, kind she-cat? How about the handsome, gentle tom? Or even better, a medicince cat with some fiery spirt in them! We haven't had them in ages! Way to go, Erins!

A kittypet named Coolio went into the forest, joined NiceClan, renamed Superheart, saved the clan from certon death, became leader, always made the right choices....

-dies of boredom-

  • Make him mean and evil. HAHA!
  • Don't make him leader or medicine cat! How about a normal guy?
  • Kill him off. DO IT! DO IT NOW! *hands author a chainsaw*
  • He's not cut out for Forest life. Goes back to eat kittypet slobber.
  • Arti's Kittypets series. Even when they become wild, the clan still is full of kittypet blood. Starting up a new clan, nice plot.

THIS WAS NOT MADE TO OFFEND ANYBODY if it does, i'll take it down, no questions asked. i hate drama. *kills all TV shows*

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