... Well, the last one might not be true. But do you know it's not true? Didn't think so! Anyway....

MERRY CHRISTMAS PEOPLE! And if you don't celebrate Christmas, um.... Happy Unicorn Appreciation Day?

There. I'm an equal person. :)

In school yesterday, we made pretty awesome snowflakes. They were easy, too.

I watched a Christmas cartoon in Science that was a little creepy, if you think about it. Eww.... (But everyone got to draw on the board!! Cool!)

In French, we watched Finding Nemo in French!!!!! Epic to the 10th degree.

Then, me and Misty went to a friend's house. We made a Youtube video, and yeah, Harry Potter stuff. We are INSANE. A lot of insanity floating around.

Then Misty left after yummy dinner. :( But I slept over. AVPM <3

And I'm back home. Gotta pack for going to the cousin's. Byeeeee. --I'm ready for Christmas! 16:02, December 24, 2010 (UTC)

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