Wow. I never thought I was the one to make a leaving notice. It just wasn't..... Leopard-like. Until yesterday.

I got home from school and slammed the door to my room. I started crying. Everything just came out. My loathing of the way others see me, the way I see myself, the way I live my live. and every bad thing I've ever done and anybody's ever done. Like, I literarily overloaded. Exploded.

So, I spent some time, upset, some time at CCD, doing homework, and my mom made me watch Home Alone with her (and I found some very non-family-like innuendoes in there... fun).

I've realized that I need to get my priorities right (like Hermione Granger... umm, Sorcerer's Stone reference anybody?) I mean, when do I do my homework? Five minutes until the class bell rings? Midnight under the blankets? I didn't come on yesterday, and I feel like my life is exploding. I'm gonna scream if anything gets any more out of hand.

So.... I've come to decision....

I'm leaving.

Not permanently, not at all. That's not what this about. I just can't be lol'ing on here while my textbook lays unread. I just need to be getting my life in order. You guys rock, here, but I only know one of you in real life. When do I hang out with my friends? I feel like I need more freedom from my life. I hate how we all need to rely on technology to get along with our daily life. :(

I'm most definitely going to be here on weekends, no doubt. On most weekdays. I'm just trying to get my work done, perhaps get enough sleep to get by the day. I'm tired, cranky, irritable in real life right now. I'm trying to change who I am in that sense.

So... I'll be here for now to answer your questions and thingy-ma-bobers. Remeber:


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