...Or at least I will be tomorrow! Yes, your friend Leopard is turning 13! (does that mean I will be Leopardpaw now???)

So, as only now I am legally allowed on here, I might as well introduce myself. Hi, I am Leopard. I am made entirely out of awesome, instead of cells and tissues and bones like normal people. I am also possibly a wizard or maybe a Time Lord. Or I wish I was. I have two sisters, including my twin, and-

Ok, so you all know me, so I'll skip this presentation! I AM ALMOST 13! I have a slight fear that I will wake with a face covered in pimples, a new interest in make-up, text me friends every second and hate my family. Well, I do have pimples, and I text my friends, and sometimes my family annoys me :P.

I've had a good almost birthday. I saw my friends at lunch, and in class, got wished happy almost-birthday, met a boy in french class who likes Doctor Who, played tennis with my dad, met girls from my grade at said tennis courts, and had delicious meatballs and pasta for dinner. Now I'm writing this while listening to Chameleon Circuit, which is the best band in the world! GO LISTEN TO THEM AND TRY NOT TO SPILL AWESOME EVERYWHERE!

Good-bye for now! Tomorrow, I'll be a teenager! Don't forget to be awesome, everyone! Particulary Good Finder Hufflepuff!!! 02:56, September 17, 2011 (UTC)

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