Leafwhisker Leafwhisker 18 October 2009

Books! :P

I just finished Red in the Snow and just started Shadowed Path's. Last in the series.

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Leafwhisker Leafwhisker 16 October 2009

Things Happening (also known as the 'Other' post)

Today, I'm sick. AGAIN!!!!!!!! :( Why cruel world!? I hate being sick. Tommrow's the Walk-A-Thon and all we do is walk. :|

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Leafwhisker Leafwhisker 14 October 2009


I'm back from camping and made two new-ish stories: The Raven's Flight and The Lion of Power. Picture day is tomorrow, what a horrible date to put it on! I just got back from camping so I'm gonna spend an hour trying to find good clothes to wear! *sighs*

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Leafwhisker Leafwhisker 12 October 2009


Bye everybody! I'm goin' camping for two days starting today. Nothin' much to say.

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Leafwhisker Leafwhisker 6 October 2009


All the kids in my grade get to go camping next week! Hooray! I forgot where we are going but we're sleeping in cabins. I'm making a story called LeafxCrow - The End. It is in the Destiny of Four series with Hollyleaf's Secret, Jayfeather's Path, and The Lion of Power, about the Three's lives.

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