Leafwhisker Leafwhisker 30 December 2009

Important but Random

Hey ppl! How are you? Okay, well I quit Warriors Wiki to join here, now I'm on Percy Jackson Fanfiction Wiki, no, I'm not quiting this site, I love it. I just ran out of ideas and lost interest in making new Chapters for my stories. I know I'm on the list of featured users and at the the top but I may come down due to lack of edits. I may come on only once a week, not at least once a day like I normally did. I won't quit this site like Warriors Wiki, but I won't be active. Bye ppl! Oh yeah, school is starting next week so that means I'll be on less. Does anybody read the Inheirince Cycle? I just got Brisingr I still need to read it.

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Leafwhisker Leafwhisker 17 December 2009


I have made two stories. This abou6t cats with powers. Comes from Heroes and Fall to a Cat about two eagles in BloodClan. I have also created a story called Protectors about eh kitties XD Happy Christmas! :P

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Leafwhisker Leafwhisker 6 December 2009


Ello ppl! Does anybody like horror? If yes then here are some good stories about it! The Virus made by Sandwich and my story Nightmares. Autumn a believe is going to make a horror story too I believe.

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Leafwhisker Leafwhisker 25 November 2009


Today is my B-Day!!!!!!!!! :D  I got socks!

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Leafwhisker Leafwhisker 6 November 2009

News (2)

Hi! I've made a wiki called Seekers Fanfiction Wiki (link - http://seekersfiction.wikia.com ) just for making up stories about Seekers. I'm not asking you to join, only if you want to.

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