LOL, I'm writing this at 5:31 in the morning, guess who has no life? XD

So...ever get those teeth with no enamel, the stuff that protects your teeth? Well I have! I think that was a bit too enthusiastic...

Well I got it filled like...two days ago and it's okay now, well it won't rot. And school starts in...FOUR DAYS!? O_O *faints* Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah...I don't like school, it'll only make my chance of coming here smaller than it is now, with homework and stuff. And I'm pretty much out of ideas...I don't even feel like making a songfic, which means something shady is at work! *gasp* Right now my brain is on vacation, I hope the teachers don't think I'll listen in class or do homework till next year...yeah, wouldn't that be amazing? I could sit in the back of the class eating popcorn and watching people think...wait, that's kinda creepy.

I had this dream that Poppyfrost and Jayfeather were mates, I was like, "WTF!? WHERE'S BERRYNOSE?" I think Poppyfrost went crazy and killed him...O_O

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