• Leafwhisker

    Well, Hello There

    November 14, 2012 by Leafwhisker


    So, I know all -- or most -- of the oldies will remember me and the newbies...well, not so much. So here's goes a very brief introduction: hi, I'm Leafwhisker but call me Leaf or Leafy.

    To make this short, I'm coming back to the wiki. I've finally gotten some inspiration and I'm going to be restarting my old stories on here. HOWEVER, I will not be on every single day as I have other duties for other wikis.

    So I guess I'll be seeing more of you guys in the future.

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  • Leafwhisker

    Don't mind the title. Please, it's only 7:50 A.M., my brain only functions at night. ...Um...thinking wise. That's why I fail in school! 8D

    Anyway, I won't be here much anymore. Warriors is my last interest right now, plus the Harry Potter nerd within wants to see the next movie RIGHT NOW. And, Hogwarts is calling me.

    My major interest right now is PJO and I usually spend my time there, or I go on this wiki where you can make original stories/poems. I mainly make poetry, as that is my main interest.

    The point is, I won't be coming on here for awhile. I'm not quitting, I'm just leaving temporally.

    So, bye...

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  • Leafwhisker


    September 11, 2010 by Leafwhisker

    I just realized the wikia doesn't have many one-shots, or maybe I'm just a blind bat. I've three. I'm not saying you should just giving up on writing chapter books I'm just saying if we write one-shots there won't be as many incomplete stories. This is just a thought, and I'm not saying you have to write one-shots, just saying it could clean up the wiki a bit. :]

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  • Leafwhisker

    Blanks :D

    August 29, 2010 by Leafwhisker

    Want a cat pic? Well I've finally drawn a blank I like, THE TICKED OFF BLANK! XD I'll be making more, but right now you'll have to have a ticked off cat right, now. Oh, and please state what the cat is holding in their paw to get them ticked off. :D

    1. Cat's Name
    2. Gender
    3. Pelt Color
    4. Eye Color
    5. Markings/Scars
    6. Other
    7. Which blank you'd like

    ~Pick Up Your Cats Here~

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  • Leafwhisker

    LOL, I'm writing this at 5:31 in the morning, guess who has no life? XD

    So...ever get those teeth with no enamel, the stuff that protects your teeth? Well I have! I think that was a bit too enthusiastic...

    Well I got it filled like...two days ago and it's okay now, well it won't rot. And school starts in...FOUR DAYS!? O_O *faints* Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah...I don't like school, it'll only make my chance of coming here smaller than it is now, with homework and stuff. And I'm pretty much out of ideas...I don't even feel like making a songfic, which means something shady is at work! *gasp* Right now my brain is on vacation, I hope the teachers don't think I'll listen in class or do homework till next year...yeah, wouldn't that be amazing? I coul…

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