Katycatomg Katycatomg 22 February 2016

collab pie


So, hi everyone!

I was thinking.

Wouldn't it be fun to make a collab with 3 other people?

So I had an idea:


The Misconception Trilogy:

Misconception: In a dystopian world, the Clans have 

transformed. Broken, ruined, amd separated, they are 

now four groups named Echo, Fade, Stone, and Dream,

Customs, names, and ancestry ripped up by the roots,

they've given up everything. Until they find a glimmer of

hope. Enter the lives of Storm, Struggle, Bloodlust, and 

Midnight as they go through this endearing journey to 

find a new home with their Clans.

Illusion: The Clans have finally found a souce to hold on

to. To redeem their old ways. To bring back what they

only had in tales. But what if the source of that is

misleading them? …

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Katycatomg Katycatomg 29 January 2016

First Episode is out!

Hey guys!

The first episode of Fire and Ice is out and I am super excited!

It's a bit short, but I followed Sea's advice to elaborate more on the characters, and took the liberty to put the episode in the point of view of two minor characters.

Yay! Read & comment!

PS: I have a new siggy: 

Don't pretend the past never happened. 

It's like my shadow. 

Always following me.



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Katycatomg Katycatomg 25 January 2016

500 Edits- And My First Post

So, it turns out I have passed my edit goal- 500 edits- and without even realizing it! I just looked, and my edits said 512. Ha! Anyway, this is also my first blog post. Two goals in one!

~Fire and Ice News~

Um, The First Omen will come out this Friday, but currently, I am still writing allegiances.

That's about it!



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