Jetfeather Jetfeather 1 February 2013

Seven Tidy Unicorns Confiscated Kanga!

Okay. I'm sorry, but Big Brother StarClan has become weird and all that. I'm out of ideas, and I'll release something, a spoiler, whatever.

Big Brother: StarClan (Week five) is going to be a 'Who wants to be a millionaire Hot Seat' type challenge. And I need Questions. I've got a bunch, but really... 13 cats, and not enough questions. I can make it so that they fail every time, but what's the fun in that? So, right now, I need questions, any type, preferrably something that I've read.

NOTE #1: I have read the Lord of the Rings

NOTE #2: I have not read Harry Potter, nor am I ever going to manage it. Finished...

NOTE #3: I am not that well versed in recent movies, so... yeah, you know

RULE #1: I'll try to get all the questions in the show/story, b…

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Jetfeather Jetfeather 20 December 2012

WB not DB

I'm back, and still here... Maybe.

Y'see, I have the dreaded... WB. In other words, Writer's Block. So sorry if my contest stories aren't finished. 

Fortunately, I only have Writer's block, not drawer's block, so if you still want me to draw anything, just ask... but it might come a bit later because I'm on probation. For going on the computer when I shoudn't've... Eh. Still, sorry for the delay... I might have to exit some contests... ARGH I need to read more books.

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Jetfeather Jetfeather 10 December 2012


Sorry, but I have to go away for a few days, so sorry to all the contests I've joined if they aren't finished by the time the contests finish D: 

...yeah, that's it. thanks for reading this...

...I'm going to Auckland, if you're wondering...

...and yeah.

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