Jayheart609 Jayheart609 3 February 2013

Sorry if I'll be gone some days

Well as some of you know, I have a life outside the internet.(like we all do) So, will be some days and other days I won't. I'll usually will be here on the weekends, but other than that I can't promise anything. I've updated my page a little bit and posted this blog, but nothing has really happend so if you have any news post it in the coments or talk to me on my talk page. So, umm... well bye.

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Jayheart609 Jayheart609 27 January 2013

Hi guys!

Well, hi guys thanks for helping me out yesterday espiecally to you Wetstream. There are other people who helped me  (who's names I will not mention) so thank you all.

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Jayheart609 Jayheart609 27 January 2013

Hi I'm New

Hello, I'm Jayheart609

I know I'm new, but I love Sparrowsong so the people who bothered her stop it and don't want to fight with people. So PLEASE STOP BOTHERING HER OK!!! >v< Anyway please ask me anything and I can try to help the best I can do.

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