Jayfeather forever Jayfeather forever 9 February 2011

New Wiki!

Hi everyone! I am here to tell you that I made this new wiki (but that does NOT mean I am leaving here at all), and I need a few hands to help me out. Please let me know if you are interested.

Update: it is called World of Fnafictions wiki. the adress is http://worldoffanfictions.wikia.com/wiki/World_of_Fanfictions_Wiki

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Jayfeather forever Jayfeather forever 4 February 2011

Create A Cat (I need cats)

All right lilies and jellybeans XD, I know currently a lot of people have the same kind of blog posts, but I need cat names. I don't really want any description, but you can post that too if you want to.

Now, you will all wonder what I am going to use these cats for. Well, I am planning to make this series (I know I haven’t finish the second chapter of Deadly Fate Series, but I work slowly, since I have school and all) and there is no characters to make the allegiances.

Okay now that being said, here is the things I want about the cats' names:

- They are going to be rogue names

- No kittypet names or clan names

- description is not required at all

- no silly names

I won't directly include all the names posted here in the very first book. And I wi…

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Jayfeather forever Jayfeather forever 29 January 2011

Personality Test

Hey everyone! Here is a fun (hopefully) test for you. After you answer the questions, I will tell you which cat or cats represent you for each question. Have fun! Here is the test:

1. What do you think of yourself?

a. Enthusiastic

b. None of your business

c. Friendly

d. My mom thinks I am special.

2. Where do you see yourself in the future?

a. A nuisance

b. A politician!

c. Disecting chihuahuas! (I know it is disgusting, but...)

d. Why would you want to know?

e. I see myself in a lot of places

3. If you had a 100 billion dollars what would you do with it?

a. By a car

b. Poor sick animals :( Have to help them

c. My precious... all mine! (turns around) What are you looking at! I am not spending a penny!

d. Chocolate! Junk! Gotta get them all!

4. What kind of…

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