Ivystorm Ivystorm 16 June 2011

Erin Hunter's ways of writing...

Okay, I have several thories(I know I didn't spell it right, I'm not a dictionary) on how Erin Hunters writes the Warriors Books:

  • They kill off apprentices and kits when they can't think of a good name for them
  • Millie didn't get her name because they couldn't think of one
  • They make plotholes on purpose to see if were paying attention
  • They only write really bad battles when they are in a bad mood

I had some more but I forgot them:). Ivy You break the Warrior code, I break your soul... 22:04, June 16, 2011 (UTC)

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Ivystorm Ivystorm 7 June 2011

A Game

I thought up a game! How to play:

  • One person says two intiatals (PF for example)
  • The next person comes up with a warrior name(Poppyfrost for example) then says two more letters (BC)
  • Then it goes on and another person says Brambleclaw, TP
  • Then someone says Thrushpelt, SB
  • Then another person says Swiftbreeze, KF, and it goes on and on and on.
  • No fake warriors.
  • Let's play! The first letters are: RP

Also, there's someone else who thought this up and I just put it oon this wiki, so none gets angry with me.:)-IVY

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Ivystorm Ivystorm 30 May 2011

Why doesn't anyone comment?

I know I have only written, like, four stories and only one of them is finished, but no one has commented on them recently.

do you guys not like my fanfics, or is no one ever on?

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