So, lots of people here like Warriors Wipeout already and I'm still doing first episode, but I have an epiphany and didn't want to forget, so here goes:

There will be a special Warriors Wipeout featuring people on the wiki and Featherswirl will be a guest host. Icewrath, Craneheart, Electricsound, and Marbleflight will be there.... doing something, but they aren't competing.

So here is what you need to do, just say you want to be in and give your charries name.

Only 24 people allowed so hurry and grab a spot.

1: Tanglefrost101 with Badgerstar

2: Mosseye with Mosseye

3: Dawnsong2 with Dawnsong

4: Roboflight with Aquasplash

5: Mistybrook with Mistybrook

6: Lilly Lovegood(2) with Secretwish

7: Starhaven with Starhaven

8: Rainsplash987 with Rainsplash

9: FloatingMilkXD with Sonuh

10: Mistybird with Mistybird

11: Avalanchestrike with Avalanchstrike

12: Byakuya-takumi-renji with Red

13: Helloitsmeguys with Mintleaf

14: FireStar97 with Thunderblaze

15: Fuzzypelt with Blackmoon

16: Hermione6720 with Sunbranch

17: Spottedpool599 with Shiverpelt

18: Hawkmask121 with Hawk








Ice X Feather X Crane is the new Bush X Song X Trout 03:34, March 2, 2013 (UTC)

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